How to Keep Your Home Free of Ticks

Those who live in Columbus, GA know of the struggle. It happens every single year and it is one that is taking up a lot of people’s time. It is all about ticks. They are everywhere in the spring and summer months, and you may feel it is a relentless battle to keep them out of your house. We have some tips that are going to get the job done with respect to keeping your home tick free.

One of the first steps you have to take is to buy some tick repellant. It is incredible when you have this tick repellant, put it on your clothes, and then go spend time outdoors. It works so well, as the ticks are not going to get on your clothes or your bags. You will be tick free when you come home, which is going to cut down on the chances of ticks getting on your property drastically.

The problem is that ticks do not have a single route into your home. Even if you have tick repellant, you can ensure the ticks do not get in your front or back yard either. You can do this by consulting with commercial tick control columbus ga professionals. They can spray the place with something safe, but damaging to the ticks.

Their spray will ensure the ticks on your property die, while others are not going to get in either. When they are on the boundary of your living space, the spray will either kill them or cause them to stay away.

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We also believe it is helpful when you keep your grass short. Ticks love to spend time on longer grass blades, as they create shade and allow them to bide time until they jump on a roaming insect or animal. Keep the grass short, even if you got your property sprayed.