August 9, 2016

How To Prepare For Skateboarding For Beginners

Skateboarding has gained popularity as a cool and exciting street sport for youngsters. If you are a game challenger, a risk taker, a fast speed lover, then skateboard will definitely suite your interest. Skateboard is not only regarded as a street sport for appealing trick performance but also very convenient to use as a way to travel short distance, maybe to skate around the neighborhood, get to the grocery shops or go to school every morning.

If you want to try out this cool sport but don’t have any idea where to buy or how to start learning skateboarding, then you have come to the right place as this article will provide you with the foundation of skateboarding, including lesson on how to choose board, what to wear for skating and other interesting tips.

Choosing The Suitable Board For Your Skill Level

There are definitely a lot of options when choosing board, but as a beginner you should know how many type of boards for your selection, what a basic board comprise and what choice is suitable for you.

Firstly, speaking from my experience, you should not get overexcited and rush to local sporting goods store to buy a board without knowing much about board for skating in general.

Therefore, my advice for you is to do a little research online, at least take a look at online selling website to know the price range, some reputable brands for quality boards and read board review from previous buyers. If not preferring online research since you have certain doubt of product review or believe that it is too manipulating, you can ask your friend and other experienced skaters for consultant and advice.

There are three types of boards for your consideration: longboard, skateboard and custom board, but in short you should set your budget for purchase and assess its quality carefully. You first should not be too expensive because after all you may just want to try it out to see whether you like it or be able to learn it.

It is not like you are going to pursue career as professional skater right away so there is not much pressure of buying an expensive one, but be sure to check its quality. In order to do this, you can choose to buy from brand that offers decent board in competitive price.

Preparing Protective Gears And Skating Shoes

What Protection Gears For Skating That You Need

The initial gear you need to buy is helmet which is considered the most important thing for head protection. In the first stage of practicing skating, you are very likely to fall a lot so it is essential that you wear skating helmet.

Besides the requirement of a helmet that perfectly wraps around your head with smooth surface and chin trap, you also need other gears and equipment to ensure your safety when riding, including elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads.

These are common gear to wear for protection when skating which will be especially helpful when you are new to this thrilling sport. When learning to stay on the board, you will find extra pads very essential for protecting scratch and pain in knee and wrist areas.

How To Choose Skate Shoes

Buying a decent pair of shoes for skating is very important when you have decided to take up this new sport. So don’t ever try to ride skateboard with flip-flop or other not skating shoes, even common tennis or running shoes as those shoes are not specially designed for skating. If using those shoes for riding board, you may end up fall off the board and get yourself hurt.

There are a lot of brand for skating shoes for you to choose from but if you cannot afford those, you still should buy the shoes type that has flat sole to ensure a good grip to the board.

Where To Skateboard

It is obvious that you need to find a good place for skating or at least an ideal location for practicing for beginner. You should find a place that has smooth concrete, not too many crack or bump which hinder your practice and make it difficult to stay balanced on the board. Choosing a flat and even surface for skating will help you to learn faster and get ready to prepare for more challenging skating paths.

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