August 14, 2016

How To Skateboard – A Guide For Beginners

Skateboard is a street sport that has received the attention of people with passion in experiencing new and exciting sport. With the increasing popularity of skateboarding among youngsters, especially teenagers who grow interest in skateboarding not only because of its unique style, eye-catching performance but also because of its great utility as transportation means for daily commuting.

If you are a beginner who want to take up skate board as new leisure activity or want to pursue it as future career, you have come to the right place because this article will guide your very first step into basic understanding and preparation for skateboarding.

Understanding Different Types Of Boards

In order to start taking up this game, you need to first know the fundamental knowledge about board, including its various types and brands. With this very first step, you can find out what board is suitable for your interest and skill level.

You can do this by visiting a local sporting store or a skate shop to select the best one for you. It is recommended that you do a little research online before rushing out to find a board immediately. Besides, you can ask the experienced skaters directly for advice in choosing the suitable one for beginner level.

Here is some basic information on board’s types for you to have a quick look. Overall, there are three types of boards: longboard, skateboard, and custom board.


This board type is ideal for cruising, and even traveling in distance. The special thing about this board is that it can be considered an easy start for beginners as you can easily hop on and go.

Without requiring much technique beside understanding board balance, you can use longboard as an effective way to go from place to place. But, this one is not suitable for performing trick so if you are interested in acquiring such skills, there are other options for you to consider.


This is the widely recognized board type whenever you think of skateboarding. This type has the tapered end for performing jumps and kicking tricks with soft maneuverability for skating.

With this type of board, you need to really take time for practicing how to get balanced on it, but once you get the hang of it, things will be much easier and there will be no time till you can skate around at quick speed.

Custom board

Custom board is the type that has design and component customized for skaters, normally professional and experienced ones. You can get your skateboard built and assembled as your desire and requirement.

All the basic components such as truck, wheel, deck, bearing… can be chosen separately for building your customized board. By this way, you can choose the best quality of the best brand for each part of the board which overweighs the conventional board that is pre-built with possible one or two bad components.

Setting Up Your Board Correctly

As a beginner skater, you want to start out with the first lesson of keeping balanced while standing on the board, so you need to make sure that your board is set up correctly for doing this.

Although the board that is too curved or has loose truck can be great for performing tricks, it will be difficult for beginners to stay balanced when riding. Thus, beginners are advised to check whether the setup of the board is correct and suitable for starting off. You need to ensure that you can easily stick to it or lean on it so make sure that the board is relatively flat with tight trucks.

Putting On Your Skate Shoes

It is essential that you can choose the right shoes to wear when you go skateboarding because you are very likely to get yourself hurt if using flip-flops or boots for riding board.

When choosing skate shoes, you need to check the sole of the shoes to see whether it is made of the right material for gripping the board for protection and support when leaning skateboarding. It is advisable that you can buy the shoes specially designed for skating, but you can also choose a substitute one but make sure that is has flat surface on the bottom like deck shoe, not the type of shoes for running or tennis.

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