July 22, 2016

The 4 Amazing Health Benefits Of Surfing That Surfers Should Know

There are numerous health benefits of doing surfing including physical health benefits and mental health benefits. And we all notice that surfers from all ranges of age and genders are always in good mood when doing surfing.

The advantages of surfing are more than those health benefits mentioned above, it also helps players live longer as your physical and mental health are improved. Following, I will provide 4 most amazing health benefits of surfing that everyone should know.

Improving Cardiovascular Health

It is clearly seen that surfing provides great cardiovascular exercises that make our hearts pumping better during its duration. As surfing activity involves paddling which is low resistant, surfers get a good abs cores and upper body workout.

And during doing surfing, all parts of our bodies have to precisely cooperate. We have to use our arms to balance our body, use our legs to remain active. All the sports in water in general requires the cooperation of all body parts and surfing in particular.

Since surfing is considered as a kind of cardiovascular exercises, it reduces the risk of getting heart attack or heart-related diseases. It requires you to stay physically active which increase the rate of your hearts and improve the oxygen supply into your blood to make your muscle work better.

Helping Weight Loss

As I mentioned above, surfing requires a lot of activities which has cardiovascular benefits, it is also good way to lose weight. In average, in one hour, a person can burn about 400 calories when they are surfing.

Moreover, the amazing part about surfing is that it is extremely interesting which make you feel like you just surf for a few minutes while the fact that you have just surfed for an hour long.

Providing Mental Benefits

Along with the physical health benefits, surfing also provide psychological benefits. When we are surfing, an amount of endorphins will be produces which make you feed euphoria and happy. A lot of surfers said that they feel exciting and happy when they feel the power and the connection to the ocean and it makes them patient.

Secondly, it is clearly seen that all kinds of outdoor sports in general and surfing in particular is an ideal way to release our bodies and minds. Surfing relieves our stress, provides us opportunity of push us over our limitations to relax and enjoy the sea water.

Improving Body Flexibility

When you do surfing, we have to use a lot of parts in our bodies in a precise way. All body parts have to cooperate well. You have to use your arms to balance the body, use your legs and feet to twist and turn body to make different position as you have to face the power of the waves.

Surfing is one of the most popular outdoor activity that thousands of people love. I highly recommend that you should try it at least once time in your life for its amazing health benefits.

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