August 3, 2016

What Do You Need To Know About Skateboarding?

Summer comes with the excitement of days-off from school tasks, and freedom of pressure from deadline assignment and end-of-term projects. What have you planned to for this summer?

A get away to a holiday on an exotic beach with your group of friends or a trip to the countryside to enjoy fresh air and magnificent natural landscape? What if you have just decided to stay inside city just to hang out with your best buddy? Then my suggestion for an energetic and memorable summer ensuring that you stay outdoor more is taking skateboard – an exciting street sport for youngsters.

The Overview Of Skateboarding – Three Types Of Boards For Your Consideration

It is not difficult to find a skateboard or a local sporting goods store to get one, but the main question is how to find a suitable one for you and what the available options for buyers are. Here is a small guide for you to get the basic understanding of skateboard.

Skateboard comes with numerous choices for skaters from different skateboard brands, unique and eye-catching design, quality of the board to varied options suitable for your budget. However, you can still categorize them into three main types: longboard, skateboard and custom board.

Regarding longboard, this board type can sometimes be confused with skateboard; however, as the name suggested, it has longer board which makes it more suitable for travelling distance and getting you from places to places. This is also the board type that beginners or girls choose to learn when first taking up skating as it is easier to learn it or simply to hop on the board and go.

However, longboard is not ideal for performing skating tricks so most skate prefer skateboard. This board type is definitely common among skater community, but choosing a good skateboard won’t be easy, not to mention the hardship you need to take when learning skateboarding.

Some people may feel discouraged by just learning how to get balanced standing on the board, let alone performing tricks with it which requires techniques, patience and probably pain.

Finally, custom board is another option for skaters but normally professional or experienced skaters who set high expectation and have their own requirement of each component of the board. Pre-built or whole sale board may not meet their demand of the board quality, wood material and structure of component, thus they have their board customized made for them.

Some Tips To Follow Before Go Skating

The Correct Way To Set Up Board

For people who have just started to learn skating, it is important that they can set up the board correctly. The boards need to be relatively flat with tight trucks, so not too curved surface or loose trucks which only benefits if you want to perform tricks.

Why does it such a big matter? Beginner’s first and most important lesson is to learn how to stay balanced on the board, so you are recommended to check the board set up to see whether it is qualified for your first try-out.

Choosing Skate Shoes And Protective Gears

When it comes to skating, you are required to buy a decent pair of shoes which need to be the skate types or at least ones that have flat sole that will create good grip to the board surface. So no running shoes or tennis shoes or even flip-flop to wear when skating because these can actually hinder your performance and get yourself hurt because of slippery.

Another golden rule of skateboarding is to always prepare protective gears so helmet is a must as it will ensure that your head is protect especially when you are likely to fall a lot during practicing. There are also other essential protection gears such as knee pad, wrist guard, elbow pad…

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