How To Skateboard – A Guide For Beginners

Skateboard is a street sport that has received the attention of people with passion in experiencing new and exciting sport. With the increasing popularity of skateboarding among youngsters, especially teenagers who grow interest in skateboarding not only because of its unique style, eye-catching performance but also because of its great utility as transportation means for daily commuting.

If you are a beginner who want to take up skate board as new leisure activity or want to pursue it as future career, you have come to the right place because this article will guide your very first step into basic understanding and preparation for skateboarding.

Understanding Different Types Of Boards

In order to start taking up this game, you need to first know the fundamental knowledge about board, including its various types and brands. With this very first step, you can find out what board is suitable for your interest and skill level.

You can do this by visiting a local sporting store or a skate shop to select the best one for you. It is recommended that you do a little research online before rushing out to find a board immediately. Besides, you can ask the experienced skaters directly for advice in choosing the suitable one for beginner level.

Here is some basic information on board’s types for you to have a quick look. Overall, there are three types of boards: longboard, skateboard, and custom board.


This board type is ideal for cruising, and even traveling in distance. The special thing about this board is that it can be considered an easy start for beginners as you can easily hop on and go.

Without requiring much technique beside understanding board balance, you can use longboard as an effective way to go from place to place. But, this one is not suitable for performing trick so if you are interested in acquiring such skills, there are other options for you to consider.


This is the widely recognized board type whenever you think of skateboarding. This type has the tapered end for performing jumps and kicking tricks with soft maneuverability for skating.

With this type of board, you need to really take time for practicing how to get balanced on it, but once you get the hang of it, things will be much easier and there will be no time till you can skate around at quick speed.

Custom board

Custom board is the type that has design and component customized for skaters, normally professional and experienced ones. You can get your skateboard built and assembled as your desire and requirement.

All the basic components such as truck, wheel, deck, bearing… can be chosen separately for building your customized board. By this way, you can choose the best quality of the best brand for each part of the board which overweighs the conventional board that is pre-built with possible one or two bad components.

Setting Up Your Board Correctly

As a beginner skater, you want to start out with the first lesson of keeping balanced while standing on the board, so you need to make sure that your board is set up correctly for doing this.

Although the board that is too curved or has loose truck can be great for performing tricks, it will be difficult for beginners to stay balanced when riding. Thus, beginners are advised to check whether the setup of the board is correct and suitable for starting off. You need to ensure that you can easily stick to it or lean on it so make sure that the board is relatively flat with tight trucks.

Putting On Your Skate Shoes

It is essential that you can choose the right shoes to wear when you go skateboarding because you are very likely to get yourself hurt if using flip-flops or boots for riding board.

When choosing skate shoes, you need to check the sole of the shoes to see whether it is made of the right material for gripping the board for protection and support when leaning skateboarding. It is advisable that you can buy the shoes specially designed for skating, but you can also choose a substitute one but make sure that is has flat surface on the bottom like deck shoe, not the type of shoes for running or tennis.

How To Prepare For Skateboarding For Beginners

Skateboarding has gained popularity as a cool and exciting street sport for youngsters. If you are a game challenger, a risk taker, a fast speed lover, then skateboard will definitely suite your interest. Skateboard is not only regarded as a street sport for appealing trick performance but also very convenient to use as a way to travel short distance, maybe to skate around the neighborhood, get to the grocery shops or go to school every morning.

If you want to try out this cool sport but don’t have any idea where to buy or how to start learning skateboarding, then you have come to the right place as this article will provide you with the foundation of skateboarding, including lesson on how to choose board, what to wear for skating and other interesting tips.

Choosing The Suitable Board For Your Skill Level

There are definitely a lot of options when choosing board, but as a beginner you should know how many type of boards for your selection, what a basic board comprise and what choice is suitable for you.

Firstly, speaking from my experience, you should not get overexcited and rush to local sporting goods store to buy a board without knowing much about board for skating in general.

Therefore, my advice for you is to do a little research online, at least take a look at online selling website to know the price range, some reputable brands for quality boards and read board review from previous buyers. If not preferring online research since you have certain doubt of product review or believe that it is too manipulating, you can ask your friend and other experienced skaters for consultant and advice.

There are three types of boards for your consideration: longboard, skateboard and custom board, but in short you should set your budget for purchase and assess its quality carefully. You first should not be too expensive because after all you may just want to try it out to see whether you like it or be able to learn it.

It is not like you are going to pursue career as professional skater right away so there is not much pressure of buying an expensive one, but be sure to check its quality. In order to do this, you can choose to buy from brand that offers decent board in competitive price.

Preparing Protective Gears And Skating Shoes

What Protection Gears For Skating That You Need

The initial gear you need to buy is helmet which is considered the most important thing for head protection. In the first stage of practicing skating, you are very likely to fall a lot so it is essential that you wear skating helmet.

Besides the requirement of a helmet that perfectly wraps around your head with smooth surface and chin trap, you also need other gears and equipment to ensure your safety when riding, including elbow pads, wrist guards, and knee pads.

These are common gear to wear for protection when skating which will be especially helpful when you are new to this thrilling sport. When learning to stay on the board, you will find extra pads very essential for protecting scratch and pain in knee and wrist areas.

How To Choose Skate Shoes

Buying a decent pair of shoes for skating is very important when you have decided to take up this new sport. So don’t ever try to ride skateboard with flip-flop or other not skating shoes, even common tennis or running shoes as those shoes are not specially designed for skating. If using those shoes for riding board, you may end up fall off the board and get yourself hurt.

There are a lot of brand for skating shoes for you to choose from but if you cannot afford those, you still should buy the shoes type that has flat sole to ensure a good grip to the board.

Where To Skateboard

It is obvious that you need to find a good place for skating or at least an ideal location for practicing for beginner. You should find a place that has smooth concrete, not too many crack or bump which hinder your practice and make it difficult to stay balanced on the board. Choosing a flat and even surface for skating will help you to learn faster and get ready to prepare for more challenging skating paths.

What Do You Need To Know About Skateboarding?

Summer comes with the excitement of days-off from school tasks, and freedom of pressure from deadline assignment and end-of-term projects. What have you planned to for this summer?

A get away to a holiday on an exotic beach with your group of friends or a trip to the countryside to enjoy fresh air and magnificent natural landscape? What if you have just decided to stay inside city just to hang out with your best buddy? Then my suggestion for an energetic and memorable summer ensuring that you stay outdoor more is taking skateboard – an exciting street sport for youngsters.

The Overview Of Skateboarding – Three Types Of Boards For Your Consideration

It is not difficult to find a skateboard or a local sporting goods store to get one, but the main question is how to find a suitable one for you and what the available options for buyers are. Here is a small guide for you to get the basic understanding of skateboard.

Skateboard comes with numerous choices for skaters from different skateboard brands, unique and eye-catching design, quality of the board to varied options suitable for your budget. However, you can still categorize them into three main types: longboard, skateboard and custom board.

Regarding longboard, this board type can sometimes be confused with skateboard; however, as the name suggested, it has longer board which makes it more suitable for travelling distance and getting you from places to places. This is also the board type that beginners or girls choose to learn when first taking up skating as it is easier to learn it or simply to hop on the board and go.

However, longboard is not ideal for performing skating tricks so most skate prefer skateboard. This board type is definitely common among skater community, but choosing a good skateboard won’t be easy, not to mention the hardship you need to take when learning skateboarding.

Some people may feel discouraged by just learning how to get balanced standing on the board, let alone performing tricks with it which requires techniques, patience and probably pain.

Finally, custom board is another option for skaters but normally professional or experienced skaters who set high expectation and have their own requirement of each component of the board. Pre-built or whole sale board may not meet their demand of the board quality, wood material and structure of component, thus they have their board customized made for them.

Some Tips To Follow Before Go Skating

The Correct Way To Set Up Board

For people who have just started to learn skating, it is important that they can set up the board correctly. The boards need to be relatively flat with tight trucks, so not too curved surface or loose trucks which only benefits if you want to perform tricks.

Why does it such a big matter? Beginner’s first and most important lesson is to learn how to stay balanced on the board, so you are recommended to check the board set up to see whether it is qualified for your first try-out.

Choosing Skate Shoes And Protective Gears

When it comes to skating, you are required to buy a decent pair of shoes which need to be the skate types or at least ones that have flat sole that will create good grip to the board surface. So no running shoes or tennis shoes or even flip-flop to wear when skating because these can actually hinder your performance and get yourself hurt because of slippery.

Another golden rule of skateboarding is to always prepare protective gears so helmet is a must as it will ensure that your head is protect especially when you are likely to fall a lot during practicing. There are also other essential protection gears such as knee pad, wrist guard, elbow pad…

6 Astonishing Health Benefits Of Skateboarding

There are thousands of people love skateboarding all over the world. Skateboarding is one kinds of outdoor sports which is not only a hobby but also provides a lot of health benefits. Following are 6 astonishing health benefits of skateboarding which a lot of people do not know.

Improving The Body Fitness

Skateboarding is an ideal outdoor activity which is great for burning extra calories and help staying in shape.

To be honest, it is not an easy task to calculate exact the amount of calories we burn in a day however, in average, after 1 hour skateboarding, the players usually burn up to 400 calories. Depending on your body height and weight and the skating spot, you may burn more or less than the average.

Prolonging The Physical Endurance

To be a good skateboarders, we have to practice a lot- day by day. We wear out after a long practicing day, but we still do it. And the more we practice, the better we can do. Obviously, after a long period of time practicing skateboarding, we are able to play skateboard for a long time without tiredness. And we will be no more exhausted after practicing.

Boosting The Flexibility

Skateboarding requires the cooperation of all parts in our body which no other activities can do that. When we are skateboarding, all parts of our body are moving in different directions. For example, when you do a simple front side boarding, you are using your feet and your legs to get the propulsive force.

Meanwhile, your arms are moving to help your body balance. This is just a small activity that we do when we are doing skateboarding. Now think about the tricks we do during a day of skateboarding.

It is obviously that there is no outdoor sports that require these amount of activities. As a result, with a long time doing skating, players will improve theirs flexibility.

Increasing The Precision

In skateboarding, doing tricks is a must-have activity. We try doing a tricks and we fail but we still try again and then we make adjustments. We change the timing, we change the speed and we change the way we land. After adjusting, we can do the trick smoothly.

Skateboarding requires the precise coordination of all parts of our bodies including eyes, arms, legs and feet. The frequency we practice skating, the better we are. The precision in the coordination of all parts of our bodies help doing tricks in skateboarding better. And this precision does not only help us in skateboarding but also throughout our lives.

Reducing Stress

We know that all kinds of physical activities are good for reducing stress. This is true with skateboarding. This is a powerful activity which is extremely good for relieving stress. Skateboarding will ease your minds. Moreover, it will help you refresh your brains after a long day studying and working hard.

Last but not least, this is a good way which not only provide physical benefits but also mental benefits and social advantages. In terms of social advantages, we can join a group of people who love skateboarding, practicing together and competing can increase our friend circle which will brings us a lot of good friend and public relationship.

Skateboarding is one of the most popular outdoor sports which not only provides benefits to our bodies, minds and souls but also help us get more friends.

If you are hesitating to start playing skateboarding, I highly recommend that you should start right away. In conclusion skateboarding is an amazing outdoor activity that anyone should try once in their lives. And it will not disappoint you.

The 4 Amazing Health Benefits Of Surfing That Surfers Should Know

There are numerous health benefits of doing surfing including physical health benefits and mental health benefits. And we all notice that surfers from all ranges of age and genders are always in good mood when doing surfing.

The advantages of surfing are more than those health benefits mentioned above, it also helps players live longer as your physical and mental health are improved. Following, I will provide 4 most amazing health benefits of surfing that everyone should know.

Improving Cardiovascular Health

It is clearly seen that surfing provides great cardiovascular exercises that make our hearts pumping better during its duration. As surfing activity involves paddling which is low resistant, surfers get a good abs cores and upper body workout.

And during doing surfing, all parts of our bodies have to precisely cooperate. We have to use our arms to balance our body, use our legs to remain active. All the sports in water in general requires the cooperation of all body parts and surfing in particular.

Since surfing is considered as a kind of cardiovascular exercises, it reduces the risk of getting heart attack or heart-related diseases. It requires you to stay physically active which increase the rate of your hearts and improve the oxygen supply into your blood to make your muscle work better.

Helping Weight Loss

As I mentioned above, surfing requires a lot of activities which has cardiovascular benefits, it is also good way to lose weight. In average, in one hour, a person can burn about 400 calories when they are surfing.

Moreover, the amazing part about surfing is that it is extremely interesting which make you feel like you just surf for a few minutes while the fact that you have just surfed for an hour long.

Providing Mental Benefits

Along with the physical health benefits, surfing also provide psychological benefits. When we are surfing, an amount of endorphins will be produces which make you feed euphoria and happy. A lot of surfers said that they feel exciting and happy when they feel the power and the connection to the ocean and it makes them patient.

Secondly, it is clearly seen that all kinds of outdoor sports in general and surfing in particular is an ideal way to release our bodies and minds. Surfing relieves our stress, provides us opportunity of push us over our limitations to relax and enjoy the sea water.

Improving Body Flexibility

When you do surfing, we have to use a lot of parts in our bodies in a precise way. All body parts have to cooperate well. You have to use your arms to balance the body, use your legs and feet to twist and turn body to make different position as you have to face the power of the waves.

Surfing is one of the most popular outdoor activity that thousands of people love. I highly recommend that you should try it at least once time in your life for its amazing health benefits.